Jolly-O is a customized dog food brand that provides customized meals for our furry friends. Focusing on their health and needs, we want to give our doggie a meal that suits their diet and help improve their health over time. More importantly, no more compromises and overpriced options. When it comes to your best friend's health, it shouldn't be limited by what’s on the shelf or the price of the product. Our furry friends deserve what is best for them.

User Experience 
Brand Development 
Interface design 
How might we make the journey of searching for dog food less overwhelming? 
You want to find a dog food brand that is thoughtful about the ingredients that they are using and also cares about the nutrition in each package. But there are so many different types, brands, and prices to choose from. It's difficult to control the nutrition in traditional kibble, too much work to prep homecooked food by yourself every day and canned food is just too expensive for the portion. All of this can make finding the right dog food overwhelming.
This is where a customized meal can create a big impact on your dog's health and make your journey to find the right food brand so much easier.  All you need to do is to answer a quick survey to provide us with information and the health history of your dog, then you will receive recommended recipes with detailed ingredient breaks down from Jolly-O experts.

With a large amount of visual materials and branding content that I have planned, I started by creating a rough wireframe and sketching out the order of the contents.  This content skeleton gives me a sense of what is the most important information about my product and in which order should the content lie to make sure that the user flow is smooth and the website is easy to navigate.

Our customers just need to answer a short under 3-minute survey to provide us with important information and the health history of their dogs before we generate the perfect meal plan for them. We decided to keep the process fairly simple, and straightforward, and make sure that it is not intimidating to pet owners. The timeline bar at the top helps make it easy for users to keep track of the process and give them a sense of how short the process is to make sure that they will finish this survey.

I learned that with traditional dry kibble, dog owners don't usually have control over the ingredients and most of them just buy it because of the long shelf storage and low price. Pet owners who are trying to be more conscious of their dog's health, especially if their dogs have had a history of different illnesses, want to see what is in the food, it gives them a sense of reassurance that it's worth the price and can really help support the dog's health. There are stigmas around raw feeding, mainly because this is not the most common choice out there, the fact that it would take longer to prepare and is not convenient but that is why Jolly-O is here to change your mind. We break down the ingredient in our product, portion everything in our beautiful package so you can store it in your fridge and all you need to do is one scoop every day by itself or mix it with kibble and that is it.

We want to make the process of choosing a product simple, easy to read, and create a trusting feeling for users. That's why we included pictures of how the food looks inside the package to improve clarity and assurance of the quality of our product. We also have the recipes page where you can read more in-depth about the secondary ingredients that are being used in our product too. 

The checkout page is where we want to give our customers an overlook of the package that is going to be shipped and what is inside that box. It's important for us to create a feeling of achievement and plan that excitement in our customers to receive this meal plan. We don't want to redesign this checkout process but mean to make it look similar to their paying habit on other websites so they don't have to spend too much time on this page and can proceed to pay quickly. 

Jolly-O's goal was to create a playful, and clean brand identity. We wanted to play around with the design principles but also be mindful of the consistency of everything throughout the website. We made sure that there is enough contrast in the chosen color palette so both our print and digital materials are visible. More importantly, is our fonts' decision, something that matches our brand voice, and design theme, and has good readability.​​​​​​​

I wanted to challenge my design skill and tried to step out of my comfort zone as a Designer by learning to create a 3D mock-up for Jolly-O product. I learned how to use Blender to create sachet packaging. This learning process was definitely challenging and out of my comfort zone because Blender is very different from all the tools that I am used to as a Designer.  Learning from just watching a youtube tutorial and not having any basic understanding of how 3d design tool works was the hardest part of this journey but it reminds me that, as a designer, it's very important for me to "learn how to learn a new tool", be flexible with my knowledge and not depends too much on software. 

This is the kind of project that excites me because I get to challenge myself in different positions as a Designer. It was quite a journey to create a branding guideline and a website from scratch, but thanks to this I get to test out all the skill sets I have learned in the past few years in school. This is also the first website that I build 100% by myself on Figma without any help so I am very pleased with how it turned out, given the fact that at this point I am still only a self-taught user experience designer. 

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