Golarm is an alarm app that was born to help people get off public transit on time. If you’re living in a big city where public transit like the subway/metro is your main transportation then you must know the pain of missing your stop. 

I first had the idea about an app that could help people get off public transit on time when I was on the train from Springfield, Virginia to Washington DC and I saw a man sleeping while holding a book. I saw the man startled when he thought he missed his stop, and that reminded me of myself.  As an international student, who has lived in the US for almost 3 years without a car and depends heavily on public transportation, I have missed many bus and subway stops. I came back from the trip that night all excited about this new thought so I started to work on Golarm. I got some great help from Mason Dahl, to work on the brainstorming and research process to develop the idea. ​​​​​​​

I created an alarm app that could be connected to any mobile map to help alert you when you are close to your stop. Whether you are distracting reading, watching, and listening to something on your phone or accidentally falling asleep, GOLARM is here to solve the problem. The video below will show you how the app works.

I challenged myself to create an advertisement for this app to show how it can be used in a real-life setting and had a lot of fun filming this with my cousin. I worked on the storyboarding and went through the user journey mapping process​​​​​​​ before I filmed it. 
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