<<The extra, unnecessary introduction about me>>
Call me a designer, creator, cook, or nerd, I am a combination of all of those things. My love for building and creating is driven by genuine curiosity to explore new possibilities and uncover innovative solutions across diverse mediums. I am passionate about creating memorable products at the intersection of user experience, business growth, and data-driven insights. Adept at designing and developing experiences that resonate with users. With a curious and fast-paced approach, I thrive to turn ideas into products that could positively impact people's lives and make a difference.
<<Random facts about the real me>>
Proudly born and raised in Vietnam 🇻🇳
My family and close friends call me Chip
Someday, I can speak neither Vietnamese nor English properly
No one believes that I am a former competitive swimmer
Horrible at baking but dream of running a bakery when I retire
I cook to stay sane and love being extra with my food 

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